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It is a role I had to take on, I don’t like being put in that position it is not one that find comfortable.

My oldest child is 21 and my youngest 14 they are getting older, they are becoming more independent and they all will soon be flying off to make their own next soon enough.

I have had be a “grown up” since a very early age even when I still had to live with my parents.

And there it was, "Bound for Glory" neatly bookmarked, and so I'd instantly become more interested in what my dad was doing with his spare time.

Here are some of our fa So you have been participating in the Adult Little, or Daddy Dom lifestyle I am sure that you have some go to punishments that are sure to work every time.

One of my […] Naughti’s Favorite Rewards, as a baby girl The best rewards are those that come from the heart. 😉 Of course just a quick, “good girl” makes my heart soar.

The book that I asked her to read is Disciplining Little Abby.

This book is written by Serafine Laveaux and published by Stormy Night Publications .

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