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I feel compelled to write this article from a women’s point of view to give you chaps some tips. Use examples, if you say your adventurous back it up with an example.

Avoid negativity, bitterness and talking about ex-partners. I am shocked by the number of guys who put themselves down in their profile.

, we’d like to assume you know better than to make mistakes like these.It's a little weird at first, trusting a computer algorithm to pair you off.But three weeks (and six dates) from now, you'll realize that online dating is, for better and worse, just like regular dating—and not, sadly, like ordering a pizza online. It's boring, but dating-site handles aren't eligible for the Pulitzer.You could cast a wide net and sign up for every single dating site.Or you could follow our flowchart and find the one designed to pair you with the woman (or man, or costume-wearing sex slave) of your dreams.

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